Yogi Spiritual Kit ૐ 2020 - NAMASKARASU
Yogi Spiritual Kit ૐ 2020 - NAMASKARASU
Yogi Spiritual Kit ૐ 2020 - NAMASKARASU
Yogi Spiritual Kit ૐ 2020 - NAMASKARASU

Yogi Spiritual Kit ૐ 2020

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Find Calm, Cleanse Your Energy, Connect with the Mother Nature.

• Natural White Sage (3pcs) 4"+
• Palo Santo (3pcs) 4"+
• Namaskarasu Pouch (1pcs)
• Matches

Material: salvia apiana, wood, dry flower 


"Yogas citta vritti nirodhan" - Yoga is the cessation of movement in the consciousness.

Burn the Nature Gift in the shape of Holy Palo Santo Wood and Sage to bring calmness into your body, smell the incenses, take some deep breaths and connect your Mind with your Heart center.

Inhale Love ૐ Become a Buddha Face.


• Sage
Take a deep breathe and burn the Sage with the exhalation, start moving with the Sage in your arm to each corner of your house,
bring smoke to the mirror don't forget to smile, use sage to each doorsill, your closet as it has so much different energy from the external world, also check the windows.
Think positive and imagine as your aura became stronger and brighter.
When you finished, breathe out and say Thank You to the Sage.

• Palo Santo
Palo Santo is calming the mind and mental ailments, re-establish peace and balance.
Take a deep breath and burn the Palo Santo with the exhalation.
Hold Holy Wood in your hand and start moving smoke above the head, heart, and feet, also continue by body shape from the shoulder to the fingertips.
Imagine as you are cleaning the body aura. Don't forget to breathe out.
Think positive and imagine as your heart connecting with your mind, bring harmony into your body.
When you finished, breathe out and say Thank You to Palo Santo.

• SAGE: Physical Healing & Spiritual Healing

White sage is used for cleansing or "washing off" the outside world as you enter a sacred state.
Use bunches of dried California white sage to fumigate rooms and spaces, to clean the home, aura, and to prepare the room for the ritual.


Physical Healing

Native Americans have used white sage for its medicinal properties for centuries.
Sage offers antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial properties to promote overall health and target emerging infections.
It is also used as a diuretic and a stimulant.
Sage tea is often drunk in conjunction with other therapies to soothe joint pain, colds, sprains, and kidney and liver troubles.
It’s also sometimes used to treat digestive problems.


Spiritual Healing

Sage smudging is used to begin a spiritual spring cleaning for your soul or your house.
Burning sage in your home allows you to remove all the negative energies and experiences from the room.
To start, open the windows and doors to provide the negative energy an escape route.
Light the sage smudging stick and leave it to burn until it begins to emit smoke.
Once the cleansing smoke arrives, keep your intentions in mind and with the stick in your hand,
make your way through the room, rotating clockwise as you move through the room.
Continue until peace and love begin to fill the room while sending the negative energies away.